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Pupil Premium Grant Expenditure Report to Parents

What is pupil premium?

Pupil Premium Grant is given to Chancellor Park Primary School to ‘narrow the gap’ between pupils on free school meals and other students. The grant is used to support financially a number of key interventions and groups which are established in the school. Examples of spending the grant this year include additional teaching assistant support in classes, specific need analysis led interventions, 1:1 small group support, social groups and has also part funded school trips. Where pupils are already working at age expected and making their expected progress, the grant is used to support accelerating pupil progress further through support and G&T groups.  This grant is used to support and enhance the provision which is already funded through the main budget for all our pupils.

Measuring the impact of pupil premium

The school will evaluate the impact for its pupil at the end of each term. Evaluation will include measuring academic pupil progress, in addition to their social gains and self-confidence which has been developed as a result of the interventions. The tracking will then inform the following terms foci.

Our focus for pupil premium funding this year, is to increase the number of pupils working at National age expectations in English and Maths, throughout the school. Using the children’s bench line assessments as a starting point, identification of the specific areas of needs fornthese pupils in English and Maths, will be targeted, to support our aim to increase the number of pupils gaining a level 2 at Key-Stage 1, and a level 4 at Key-Stage 2

Evaluation of Pupil Premium Spending – 2013/14

The impact of pupil premium 2013/14 shows that across all subjects more pupils are now working at National age expectations, than at the start of last academic year.

Our school’s 2013/14 data shows that 100% of eligible pupils achieved a level 4 in Reading and Maths. Although the number of eligible pupils reaching a level 4 in this year’s writing was lower, more pupils achieved levels of accelerated progress, with 43% achieving 3 levels progress from their key-stage 1 results, against the expected 2 levels.

Last year our non-eligible pupil pupils were high attainers, as were our pupils eligible for pupil premium. As a result of this there remained to be an attainment gap.

This year however, as a result of the interventions put into pace we have managed to close the gap for combined English and Maths between eligible pupils and their peers. Within English we saw significant progress made in our SPAG (spelling, punctuation and grammar) results and the number of pupil premium pupils who attained a level 4.

Priorities for academic year 2014/15


Based on this year’s cohort our priorities are:

To increase the number of pupils achieving 2 levels progress to result more level 4’s.


Our focus in reading and maths is to accelerate individual pupil’s progress, with particular attention to increasing the number of eligible pupil premium children attaining a level 5.


Overview of the school

Number of pupils and pupil premium grant (PPG) received

Total number of pupils on roll 236
Total number of pupils eligible for PPG (number of pupils Class R-6) 32
Amount of PPG received per pupil £1300
Total amount of PPG received £41,600


Pupil Premium funding spending this year will include: teaching assistant support throughout the school individual and small group interventions, one to one tuition for pupils, Local Delivery Services including counselling, YMCA and Speech and language, ½ price trips, English/Maths and SENCo intervention support.


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Pupil Premium Grant Report to Parents Sept 2014

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