Chancellor Park Primary School

Brook-End Road South, Chelmsford, CM2 6PT

Headteacher Mrs C Mills

Stars of the Week

Every Friday we hold a celebratory achievement assembly in the school hall where pupils gain various special awards.

One of these awards is where stars are presented to individual pupils nominated by members of staff for special pieces of work demonstration of outstanding effort behaviour or a good deed.

These pupils are known as ‘stars of the week’ and have their stars on display in the school corridor specifying the reason they were chosen.

This weeks Stars are:

images (8)


Poppy H (R)

Ben E (R)

Ewan P (1)

George F (1)

Georgina H (1)

Samuel W (2)

Logon H (2)

Abbie DC (3)

Luke M (3)

Beth C (4M)

Harry H (4M)

Robin (4L)

Margaret D (4L)

Funso B (5)

Mille B ( 6)

Lydia DC (6)

Olivia S (6)


Apologies to Molly Mahoney who got 2 stars last week.



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